Radical Jewish Culture
Wolf Krakowski :  Transmigrations: Gilgul
Cat. # 7150
Released Aug 2001
cd time - 60:55
US Price $16.00
A unique fusion of traditional Yiddish song with country blues, rock and reggae by Kerouac-inspired cult hero Wolf Krakowski. Recorded in 1995 and originally available in a limited edition on his own label, Transmigrations: Gilgul is a soulful contemporary reading of Jewish folk and theater songs mixing the Old World with the New. Yiddish world-beat soul that will delight both young and old.
Jim Armenti: Guitars, Mandolin, Violin, Bouzouki, Saxophone
Bob Grant: Drums
Fraidy Katz: Backup Vocals
Wolf Krakowski: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Daniel Lombardo: Conga Drum, Tambourine, Maracas, Claves, Dumbek, Shakers, Chains
Ray Mason: Bass Guitar
Jaye Simms: Backup Vocals
Pamela Smith: Backup Vocals