Mamoru Fujieda :  Patterns of Plants
Cat. # 7025
Released 1997
cd time - 75:20
US Price $16.00
Generating melodic material through the micro-changes of surface-electric potential on leaves, Mamoru Fujieda's second Tzadik release was composed completely based on data taken from plants. Combining alternative tuning systems (just intonation, Pythagorean) with traditional instruments of China and Japan (sho, koto and the ancient 25-stringed zither, the hitsu), Fujieda has again created a world of sound never before imagined possible. Delicate and subtle variations of tone and timbre give a whole new life to classical musical forms such as the passacagalia and strophic variations in this bizarre and fascinating mixture of European Medieval music, the traditions of Asia and modern science.
Ishikawa Ko: Sho
Miki Maruta: Koto
Yoko Nishi: Koto
Maki Noguchi: Viola Da Gamba
Eriko Ozawa: Viola Da Gamba
Laurent Teycheney: Harpsichord