Radical Jewish Culture
Gary Lucas :  Street of Lost Brothers
Cat. # 7145
Released Nov 2000
cd time - 48:30
US Price $16.00
Another brilliant collection of scintillating originals and Jewish classics from the unique and twisted mind of guitar madman Gary Lucas. Gary’s first release for Tzadik was a delightful and uproarious collection for children. With Street of Lost Brothers, Gary has turned to the dark side. Dances, dirges and doinas for Gary’s versatile touring band, with special guest appearances by insane vocalists Kenny and Larry, sax squealer John Zorn and Walter Horn.
Ernie Brooks: Bass
Peter Eng: Bass
Hank Frisch: Harmonica
Jesper Gadelius: Guitar
Walter Horn: Synths, Piano, Sampler
Jonathan Kane: Drums
Kenny and Larry: Vocals
Gary Lucas: Electric, Acoustic Andsteel Guitars, Vocals, Raygun, Kibbitzing
Aldo Tsang: Drums
John Zorn: Alto Sax