Radical Jewish Culture
Jamie Saft :  Sovlanut
Cat. # 7142
Released Jul 2000
cd time - 53:28
US Price $16.00
Guitars and beats, both electric and acoustic, mixed in dub inform this dynamic new twist on Radical Jewish Culture. Bringing together ancient traditions with modern technology, Jamie Saft’s debut recording deals with the interaction of Black, Arab and Jewish cultures in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY. Featuring his longtime collaborators Jim Black and Chris Speed as well as the Groove Collective’s bassist extraordinaire, Jonathan Maron, Sovlanut (Tolerance) is a remarkable and original new take on contemporary club music - Jewish style.
Jim Black: Drums, Percussion
Chris Kelly: Drums, Percussion
Jonathan Maron: Bass
Rick Quinones: Vocals
Jamie Saft: Organs, Pianos, Analog Synthesizers, Guitars, Bass, Saz, Percussion
Chris Speed: Clarinet