Radical Jewish Culture
Danny Zamir :  Satlah
Cat. # 7139
Released Mar 2000
cd time - 54:28
US Price $16.00
Danny Zamir is an astounding young alto saxophonist/composer from Israel who plays with a passion, command and mastery unheard of in a musician of only nineteen. Moving to NYC in 1998, Danny hooked up with two kindred spirits to create their telepathic trio, SATLAH, which brings together elements of Masada, Steve Coleman, Ornette and David Sanborn into a music very much their own. Featuring John Zorn on three tracks, this is an incredible debut recording of new Jewish music by three musicians you will certainly be hearing a lot more from in the future.

"These guys play with a love and passion that’s exhilarating - this is the real thing."
- John Zorn
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz: Bass, Darbukkah, Tapes, Toys
Danny Zamir: Alto Saxophone, Toys
John Zorn: Alto Saxophone
Kevin Zubek: Drums, Percussion, Toys