Radical Jewish Culture
Marc Ribot/Shrek :  Yo! I Killed Your God
Cat. # 7134
Released May 1999
cd time - 72:47
US Price $16.00
From Jewish Punk Revolutionary to Neo-Primitive Composer to Dance Club Burnout in eighteen short months, Shrek was Marc Ribot’s most controversial and eclectic band. Raw and powerful, Shrek Live captured Marc’s wilder side, with an edge that cut through steel. Featuring plenty of his searing guitar work, cynical, impassioned vocals and several exciting cover tunes, including the cuban classic "Jamon co Yucca", the seed that led to his popular group, Los Cubanos Postisos. "Human Sacrifice" brings the visceral edge of one of the world’s most exciting and original guitarists to your own living room! Included as a bonus track is a studio version of "Mon Petit Punk" - a twisted pop classic.
Christine Bard: Drums
Dougie Bowne: Drums
J.D. Foster: Guitars
Roger Kleier: Guitars
François Lardeau: Drum Programming
Jim Pugliese: Drums
Marc Ribot: Guitar, Vocals
Sebastian Steinberg: Bass
Mark Anthony Thompson: Bass, Sequencer
Chris Wood: Bass