Radical Jewish Culture
Ahava Raba :  Kete Kuf
Cat. # 7133
Released Apr 1999
cd time - 54:11
US Price $16.00
Klezmer, East European folk music, contemporary classical and Tuvan throat singing all came together in this astonishing music of Ahva Raba, one of the most original and distinctive Jewish groups based in contemporary Germany.

With a repertory ranging from exciting dance tunes, experimental chamber compositions and vocal pieces sung in a nonsense language of their own invention, Kete Kuf, their remarkable debut CD will surprise and delight you as creative music that is both challenging, beautiful and fun.
Simon Jakob Drees: Violin, Viola, Kugnana, Lead Vocals
Tobias Dutschke: Percussion, Vocals
Jan Hermerschmidt: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Vocals
Katrin Pfeiffer: Accordion, Vocals, Percussion
Georg Schwark: Tuba, Vocals