Radical Jewish Culture
Psamim :  Abi Gezint!
Cat. # 7132
Released Feb 1999
cd time - 54:35
US Price $16.00
Breathtakingly beautiful Jewish music performed by an intimate ensemble of strings and accordion.

Based in Belgium, Psamim has been presenting its original blend of Klezmer classics and tuneful original compositions as a backdrop for renowned singer Zahava Seewald since the early 1990’s. Stepping out on their own in these special instrumental arrangements composed especially for Tzadik, they weave a gorgeous, seductive tapestry of new Jewish song. Three nostalgic vocal selections round out this charming collection of soulful Jewish melody.
Philippe De Jager: Percussion
Tobias Holtigel: Viola
Renaud Lhoest: Violin
Walter Popeliers: Bass
Zahava Seewald: Vocal
Fabienne Van Den Driesch: Cello
Martin Weinberg: Accordion