Radical Jewish Culture
Ambarchi/Avenaim :  The Alter Rebbe's Nigun
Cat. # 7131
Released Jan 1999
cd time - 44:45
US Price $16.00
Tzadik is proud to present one of the most extreme, passionate and fascinating recordings we’ve yet released – a brilliant new addition to the Radical Jewish Culture series.

Formerly orthodox Hasidic students of Talmud and Tanya, these two members of the Australian punk unit PHLEGM have brought together influences from Boredoms and the Japanese noise scene, traditional Jewish Nigunim and Yiddish theatre, Marc Ribot, Ornette Coleman and countless others to create a new world of twisted dreams and startling sonorities. A must for all lovers of weirdness.
Oren Ambarchi
Robbie Avenaim
Rabbi Yankel Lieder: Text