Radical Jewish Culture
Glenn Spearman :  Blues For Falasha
Cat. # 7130
Released Jan 1999
cd time - 46:00
US Price $16.00
The question of identity has historically played a large role in the survival of the Jewish people and had special significance to free jazz tenor titan Glenn Spearman, as the son of an African-American father and a Jewish mother.

Before his death of cancer in October 1998, Spearman became involved in a deep exploration of his Jewish roots, a journey that expresses itself musically in Blues For Falasha, his last and most adventurous recorded composition. This powerful meeting of Jewish and African-American traditions features Spearman’s landmark group "The Double Trio" in a long, visionary work composed especially for the Tzadik Jewish series. We all mourn the loss of this talented and dedicated musician. His work helps keep him alive to us for all time.
Chris Brown: Piano, Prepared Piano
Lisle Ellis: Bass
Larry Ochs: Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone
Donald Robinson: Drums, Percussion
Glenn Spearman: Tenor Saxophone, Voice
William Winant: Drums, Percussion, Tympani