Radical Jewish Culture
David Krakauer :  Klezmer, NY
Cat. # 7127
Released Oct 1998
cd time - 38:16
US Price $16.00
David Krakauer is a clarinetist of astonishing virtuosity whose dual commitment to both upholding and exploding tradition has taken Klezmer to places we've never dreamed possible. A former member of the Klezmatics, Krakauer was featured on a recent album by the Kronos Quartet. This second CD for Tzadik pays tribute to one of the greatest clarinet soloists in jazz: pioneer Sidney Bechet. In this extended, multi faceted suite, the Krakauer trio explores the hidden connections between Bechet and Klezmer giant Naftule Brandwein - inspired in part by Bechet's legendary and incredibly rare performance of "My Yiddish Momma." Klezmer, NY is Krakauer's BECHET JESURUN, and is sure to both delight and raise more than a few eyebrows.
Oren Bloedow: Electric Bass
David Krakauer: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Ben Neill: Electronics
Kevin Norton: Drums, Percussion
Ted Reichman: Accordion
Adam Rogers: Electric Guitar