Radical Jewish Culture
Various Artists :  Great Jewish Music: Marc Bolan
Cat. # 7126
Released 1998
US Price $16.00
"Give me a C-Major chord and I'll give you a thousand melodies." - Marc Bolan

Highlighting music by some of the greatest Jewish composer in the past several decades, The Great Jewish Music series has paid tribute to first Burt Bacharach, Serge Gainsbourg and now British glam-rock pioneer Marc Bolan. Named as a primary influence by seminal punk rockers like the Ramones and Johnny Rotten, Marc Bolan and his group T. Rex forged a new music in the early 70's, confounding audiences and critics alike with his mercurial style changes and experimentations. Rejecting the complex time signatures and advanced harmonies in fashion at the time, Bolan went back to the basics, bringing a primitive raunchy edge to his colorful cast of fantasy characters. This compilation features a spectacular lineup of some of the most adventurous and creative rockers around, and is sure to be one of the most popular CD presented on the Tzadik label to date.
Medeski, Martin and Wood
Tall Dwarfs
Eszter Balint
Oren Bloedow
Chris Cochrane
Danny Cohen
Lloyd Cole
Lo Galluccio
Yuka Honda
Sean Lennon
Arto Lindsay
Gary Lucas
Mike Patton
Vernon Reid
Marc Ribot
Trey Spruance