Radical Jewish Culture
Naftule's Dream :  Smash, Clap!
Cat. # 7125
Released 1998
cd time - 40:30
US Price $16.00
Boston-based Naftule's Dream continues to be one of the most exciting bands exploring new Jewish music. Consistently innovative yet always heartfelt, their first critically acclaimed CD, Search For Golden Drydel, combined jazz and Klezmer in complex tight arrangements. This second collection of their newest compositions throws rock and free improvisation into the mix. Produced by the legendary Bill Laswell at his New Jersey studio, Smash, Clap! is another important step for this versatile, virtuosic ensemble.
Glenn Dickson: Clarinet
Pete Fitzpatrick: Electric Guitar
David Harris: Trombone
John Manning: Tuba
Michael McLaughlin: Piano & Accordion
Eric Rosenthal: Drums