Radical Jewish Culture
Steve Lacy :  Sands
Cat. # 7124
Released 1998
cd time - 57:50
US Price $16.00
Tzadik is proud to release a new recording by Steve Lacy, MacArthur Fellow and for 40 years the undisputed master of the soprano saxophone.

Recorded at his home in Paris from February to April 1998, Sands is Steve Lacy's most personal and remarkable solo document, and explores a wide variety of musical and dramatic subjects. Portraits of close friends Barney Wilen and William Burroughs; collaborations with the texts of Allen Ginsberg and Samuel Beckett; and of course his own peculiar take on identity and Jewish heritage, which he characterizes in his most recent composition "Jewgitive." The music of Lacy, like Judaism itself, is a praxis, a question, a floating anxiety, and Sands is one of Lacy's most poignant and intense recordings.
Irene Aebi: Voice
Steve Lacy: Soprano Saxophone