Radical Jewish Culture
Anthony Coleman : 
The Abysmal Richness of the Infinite Proximity of the Same
Cat. # 7123
Released 1998
cd time - 40:01
US Price $16.00
Jazz, classical, Klezmer and improvisational traditions blend and crash in Selfhaters, Anthony Coleman's most personal project. A disturbing and all-too-close peek into the very Jewish world of alienation and self-revulsion. Two long masterful compositions separated by a strange solo piece for voice and piano, The Abysmal Richness Of The Infinite Proximity Of The Same is one of Anthony's greatest creations. A CD that will vex you till the crack of doom.
Michael Attias: Baritone Saxophone, Alto Saxophone
Anthony Coleman: Voice, Trombone, Organ, Piano
Fred Lonberg-Holm: Cello
Jim Pugliese: Trumpet, Percussion
Doug Wieselman: Bass Harmonica, E-flat Clarinet