Radical Jewish Culture
Gary Lucas :  Busy Being Born
Cat. # 7121
Released 1998
cd time - 49:19
US Price $16.00
Guitarist extraordinary, Grammy nominated songwriter, tv and film soundtrack composer Gary Lucas has played with Captain Beefheart, Leonard Bernstein, Jeff Buckley, Joan Osborne and many others besides releasing four acclaimed solo albums in his own right. Here he offers his latest and what he considers his greatest project to date, an album for kids of all ages based on Jewish themes. Combining madcap original classics (Sunrise, Sandman) with soulful renditions of traditional classics (Sunrise Sunset, Adon Olom) and left field hits like a medley of Popeye and Betty Boop themes played on National steel guitar (Fleiscerei), Busy Being Born is brimming with whimsical ideas and treasures old and new: 17 Jewish gems from the fertile mind of Gary Lucas.
Greg Cohen: Acoustic Bass
Larry Fine: Vocals
Kenny Hurwitz: Vocals
Jonathan Kane: Drums
Misako Kano: Piano
Gary Lucas: Guitars, Vocals, Arranger
John Zorn: Alto Sax