Radical Jewish Culture
Ben Goldberg, John Schott, Michael Sarin :  What Comes Before
Cat. # 7120
Released 1998
cd time - 44:13
US Price $16.00
These provocative compositions and improvisations for clarinet, guitar and percussion create a delicate musical universe balancing space and movement, thoughts unimagined, feelings unfelt.

Featuring two of the most creative and original composer- performers on the West Coast: Ben Goldberg (New Klezmer Trio) and John Schott (T.J. Kirk) and the versatile Brooklyn based drummer Mike Sarin (Dave Douglas, Myra Melford), these are improvisations where every note counts. Spare and stark, these introspective pieces touch upon Jewish life and philosophy in a manner both subtle and cruel.
Ben Goldberg: Clarinet
Michael Sarin: Drums
John Schott: Guitar