Radical Jewish Culture
Kramer :  Let me explain something to you about Art
Cat. # 7119
Released 1998
cd time - 53:29
US Price $16.00
As performer, composer, producer and founder of Shimmy-Disc, Kramer is a NY veteran of countless musical collaborations from Bongwater and Galaxie 500 to Robert Wyatt and Hugh Hopper.

Here he works with tapes created by Duplex Planet mastermind David Greenberger in a 3-part meditation upon aging - an imaginary soundtrack for the dying process, wherein the American Jewry of Herbert Meyer and Margaret Zolla turns back upon itself before emerging into a common biology. Drawing upon both found and designed sources while deftly juxtaposing his knowledge of film composition, poetry and world music, Kramer has created a listening experience that breaks down the walls of indifference.
Deni Bonet: Violin, Viola, Accordion
David B. Greenberger: Original Source Tapes
Kramer: Emulator II, Tapes, Bass, Keyboards, Etc