Radical Jewish Culture
Someck & Sharp :  Revenge of the Stuttering Child
Cat. # 7117
Released 1997
cd time - 57:50
US Price $16.00
An exciting meeting of two eclectic Jewish masters. Ronny Someck, a poet born in Iraq, now living in Israel and composer Elliott Sharp born in Cleveland, now living in New York City. Revenge of the Stuttering Child is a collaboration of sounds - sounds as word and sounds as music, a tangled-up feedback loop that continuously builds and mutates. Much more than poetry set to music, each piece draws a bead, aims and fires in a different direction, hitting the familiar, the strange, the wry, the warm, the dark, the furious. As Ronny Someck's words are fleshed by his own throat, Sharp's music is manifest in his own varied instrumental voices augmented by the talents of pianist Anthony Coleman, the cello and accordion of the Parkins sisters and percussionist Salifoski. In the prolific, unpredictable world of Elliott Sharp, this project stands apart.
Anthony Coleman: Piano
Ahmed El-Motassem: Voice
Margaret Parkins: Cello
Zeena Parkins: Accordion
Seido Salifoski: Dumbek, Percussion
Elliott Sharp: Guitars, Electric Mandocello, Mandolin, Bass Clarinet, Saxophones, Computer Processing