Radical Jewish Culture
David Krakauer :  Klezmer Madness!
Cat. # 7101
Released 1995
cd time - 49:17
US Price $16.00
With a profound knowledge of Yiddish musical heritage, the virtuousic Krakauer Trio combines the traditions of klezmer with innovative composition, arrangement and improvisation to create a style with reverence, imagination and a sense of humor.

Klezmer Madness features both traditional and original music, including tunes from the repertoire of klezmer clarinet greats Naftule Brandwine and Dave Tarras (check out Tarras' wonderful CD on Yazoo) and even John Zorn's Masada.

David Krakauer (clarinet, composer) combines the diverse influences of Jewish and Balkan clarinet styles, minimalism, jazz and shredded Muzak to create a style uniquely his own. He has performed and recorded with the Klezmatics and John Zorn as well as in numerous classical, chamber and avant-garde settings.

Michael Alpert (accordion, violin, guitar, vocals, original Yiddish compositions) is a member of the pioneering New York klezmer band Kapelye and the innovative European klezmer ensemble Brave Old World.

David Licht (drums, percussion) is a founding member of the Klezmatics and was also a founding member of the rock groups Shockabilly (with Eugene Chadbourne), Bongwater (with Ann Magnuson and Kramer) and When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water.
Michael Alpert: Vocals, Accordion, Violin, Guitar
David Krakauer: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
David Licht: Percussion