Painkiller :  Talisman
Cat. # 7342
Released Nov 2002
cd time - 48:09
US Price $16.00
Bringing together three of the most voracious and energetic musical minds in new music, Painkiller was one of the most intense live bands ever. Here they are captured at their absolute peak. Culminating their legendary 1994 tour of Japan in a masterful set featuring one of their longest and most inspired improvisations, the thirty-five minute Batrachophrenoboocosmomachia. Beautifully recorded by the unsung fourth member of the group sound engineer Oz Frith and packaged in deliriously original artwork, Talisman is a long awaited new release by one of the most original and unique sax/bass/drum trios in musical history.
Mick Harris: Drums, Vocals
Bill Laswell: Bass
John Zorn: Alto Sax, Vocals