John Zorn :  IAO
Cat. # 7338
Released May 2002
cd time - 51:25
US Price $16.00
The name IAO is Kabbalistically identical to the Beast and his number 666. In the tradition of Zorn’s longform studio compositions Godard, Spillane, Elegy, Kristallnacht and Duras, yet completely unique in form and content, IAO is a hypnotic seven-movement suite of Alchemy, Mysticism, Metaphysics and Magic both black and white. Inspired in part by the esoteric works of Aleister Crowley and his magickal disciple, filmmaker Kenneth Anger, the seven movements range from hypnotic exotica, ritualistic percussion and death metal to ambient, electronica and a stunning piece for female chorus. As varied and listenable as The Gift and as perplexing as Songs from the Hermetic Theater, IAO is a major new work by downtown’s master of the unexpected.
Cyro Baptista
Jennifer Charles
Greg Cohen
Beth Anne Hatton
Bill Laswell
Rebecca Moore
Mike Patton
Jim Pugliese
Jamie Saft
John Zorn