Naked City :  Naked City Live vol. 1: Knitting Factory 1989
Cat. # 7336
Released May 2002
cd time - 52:09
US Price $16.00
After over ten years, Tzadik is finally releasing an exciting series of live recordings by one of the most unique and infamous bands ever: Naked City. Featuring Bill Frisell, Fred Frith, Wayne Horvitz and Joey Baron this was a true downtown supergroup brought together to realize John Zorn’s twisted compositional vision combining jazz, movie soundtracks, rock, rhythm and blues, hardcore punk, cartoon music, country and western and just about everything imaginable—often all in the same piece! This first volume is a beautifully recorded document of the band early on, performing live at the club that served as home base from their very first concert series in 1988 to their very last in 1993. Captured here performing the repertory of their legendary first recording many months before they entered the studio, this is Naked City at its gritty/fast changing best. New solos, wilder improvisations and some original compositions and covers that never appeared on disc make this an absolute must for all the Naked City fans around the world.
Joey Baron: Drums
Bill Frisell: Guitar
Fred Frith: Bass
Wayne Horvitz: Keyboards
John Zorn: Alto Saxophone