John Zorn :  Hockey
Cat. # 73162
Released Mar 2002
cd time - 50:03
US Price $16.00
Original recordings from 1980. In a catalog of bizarre oddities, this CD could be the weirdest yet. Written in 1978 the composition Hockey has produced some of the strangest music ever conceived. By limiting each improviser’s personal language to five sounds and carrying them through a complex structure of solos, duos and trios, Hockey forces its interpreters to focus on timing, economy and context. Featuring all the music recorded at the original 1980 session (including over twenty minutes of unreleased material) this CD contains both the electric and acoustic versions of this startlingly bizarre piece.
Polly Bradfield: Violin
Eugene Chadbourne: Electric Guitar, Personal Effects
Wayne Horvitz: Amplified Piano
Mark E. Miller: Percussion
Bob Ostertag: Electronics
John Zorn: Goose, Duck And Crow Calls, Clarinet, Mouthpiece