John Zorn :  Pool
Cat. # 73163
Released Jun 2000
cd time - 55:15
US Price $16.00
This second release from the acclaimed box set The Parachute Years features some of the strangest music ever put to tape. Containing the essential seed that was to grow into Zorn’s legendary gamepiece Cobra, the extended composition Pool was a major step in Zorn’s compositional development. Featuring electronics wizard Bob Ostertag, percussion madmen Mark E. Miller and Charles K. Noyes (The Toy Killers), the legendary master of noise violin Polly Bradfield and of course the composer himself on sax, clarinets and duck calls, this is one of Zorn’s most rigorous and enigmatic game composition. Included as a bonus track is the original test and false start of Archery.
Polly Bradfield: Violin
Mark E. Miller: Percussion, Contact Microphones, Vibraphone
Charles K. Noyes: Percussion, Saw, Knene
Bob Ostertag: Electronics
John Zorn: Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Bb Clarinet, Game Calls