John Zorn :  Godard/Spillane
Cat. # 7324
Released Jul 1999
cd time - 50:07
US Price $16.00
Two of Zorn’s most influential compositions, one long out of print, now sound better than ever in this newly remastered critical edition, complete with detailed notes, session photos, reminiscences and more. A lot has been written about Zorn’s "file card" compositions, of which Godard and Spillane are the first and purest examples. Described as "aural movies," these exciting tributes to the life and work of two of the world’s most original and infamous artists feature many of Zorn’s most important musical colleagues: Bill Frisell, Fred Frith, Bobby Previte, Anthony Coleman, Christian Marclay, John Lurie, and Richard Foreman among others. Essential Zorn from the mid ’80s. Also included as a bonus: the rare and delightful Christmas track Blues Nöel.
Anthony Coleman
Richard Foreman
Bill Frisell
Fred Frith
John Lurie
Christian Marclay
Bobby Previte
and others