John Zorn :  The Bribe
Cat. # 7320
Released Sep 1998
cd time - 43:03
US Price $16.00
Written a few months after the session that created one of Zorn's most influential compositional masterpieces "Spillane," The Bribe is a major new discovery in the Zorn oeuvre. Recorded in the same style as "Spillane," with the same engineer, and very close to the same ensemble, these cues are not unlike an extended version of that classic piece. Created originally for three thirty minutes radio plays produced by Mabou Mines theater company back in 1986, this exciting music features lush moody orchestrations, swinging jazz, hard rock, groovy funk, noise, improvisations, exotic ambience and much, much more. With all the music squeezed onto one extended CD (over 76 minutes), The Bribe is one of Zorn's most eclectic and stimulating releases.
Anthony Coleman: Piano
Marty Ehrlich: Reeds
Carol Emanuel: Harp
David Hofstra: Bass
Wayne Horvitz: Organ
Christian Marclay: Turntables
Ikue Mori: Drum Machines
Zeena Parkins: Harp
Bobby Previte: Percussion
Robert Quine: Guitar
Reck: Rhythm Guitar
Jim Staley: Trombone
John Zorn: Alto Sax