Wadada Leo Smith :  Tao-Njia
Cat. # 7017
Released 1996
cd time - 43:12
US Price $16.00
A breathtakingly beautiful document of new compositions from a founding member of Chicago's AACM and one of the world's most important contemporary creative musician/composers. Featuring his ensemble Nda-Kulture and the California E.A.R. Unit, Tao-Njia blends jazz, blues, poetry and the cultural traditions of Africa, Asia, Europe, Indonesia and America into lyrical and profoundly moving music.

Wadada Leo Smith-trumpter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and improviser-has been active for over thirty years. With Leroy Jenkins and Anthony Braxton, he was a founder of the Creative Construction Company, and has recorded his own albums on ECM, Black Saint, Nessa, Sackville and other labels. His compositions have been performed by the AACM Orchestra, Kronos Quartet, Ursula Oppens, Marilyn Crispell, Da Capo Chamber Players and others.
Erika Duke: Cello
Robin Lorentz: Violin
Stephen Lucky Mosko: Conductor
Mika Noda: Vibes, Tubular Bells, Timpani, Vibraphone
David Philipson: Drums, Bansuri, Axatse, Tibetan Temple Bells
Vicki Ray: Piano, Celesta
Wadada Leo Smith: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Bamboo Flute, Nohkan Flute, Axatse, Monophony-bar, Indian Low Bell, Japanese High Bell, Mbira
Harumi Makino Smith: Poetry
Dorothy Stone: Flute, Alto Flute, Piccolo
Martin Walker: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet