John Zorn :  Filmworks I
Cat. # 7314
Released 1997
cd time - 68:35
US Price $16.00
For Zorn, filmscores have always been a place to experiment and the Filmworks Series is in many ways a microcosm of his output. This original installment of the Filmworks Series presents three scores ranging from punk-rockabilly (featuring the nasty guitars of Bob Quine, Marc Ribot and Arto Lindsay); a jazzy Bernard Herrmann fantasy; to a quirky classical/improv/world music amalgam for Raul Ruiz's bizarre film The Golden Boat. Zorn's infamous one minute arrangement of Morricone's classic The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, is included as a bonus track. Out of print for several years, these classic recordings are made available here with the original cover art intact. This is the place where it all began.
Cyro Baptista: Brazilian Percussion
Vicki Bodner: Oboe
Anthony Coleman: Piano, Organ, Celeste, Harpsichord
Mark Dresser: Bass
Marty Ehrlich: Tenor Sax, Clarinet
Carol Emanuel: Harp
Anton Fier: Drums
Bill Frisell: Guitar
Fred Frith: Bass
Melvin Gibbs: Bass
Shelley Hirsch: Voice
David Hofstra: Bass
Wayne Horvitz: Hammond Organ
Arto Lindsay: Guitar, Vocals
Bobby Previte: Drums, Percussion, Vocal, Vibes, Timpani, Orchestra Bells
Robert Quine: Guitar
Ned Rothenberg: Bass Clarinet
David Shea: Turntable, Vocals
Jim Staley: Trombone
Tom Varner: French Horn
Nana Vasconcelos: Brazilian Percussion
David Weinstein: Keyboards
John Zorn: Alto Sax