John Zorn :  Filmworks IV
Cat. # 7310
Released 1997
cd time - 57:13
US Price $16.00
Volume 4 in Zorn's acclaimed and best-selling Filmworks series focuses on his work in the intriguing S&M film genre. Zorn's relationship with the S&M film community has sparked controversy, but the films he's been involved with have been screened by such respected establishments as the New York Film Festival, Asia Society, and the Sundance Festival.

Included here are a solo sampler composition for Mn Sarah's A Lot Of Fun For The Evil One, a hypnotic trance piece for KimSu Theiler's Pueblo, a suite and variations for solo piano from Hiroke Yuichi's Japanese porno film Maogai (Sadistic City), an unusual sound-design for Lebanese writer Jalal Toufic's experimental documentary Credits Included, and the score for Maria Beatty's Elegant Spanking, which was a blueprint for Zorn's extended composition Redbird (Tzadik 7008).
Cyro Baptista
Joey Baron
Anthony Coleman
Carol Emanuel
Erik Friedlander
Jill Jaffe
Kurodo Kyoko
Jim Pugliese
Robert Quine
Marc Ribot
Chris Wood
John Zorn: Keyboards, Sound-design