John Zorn :  Filmworks III: 1990-1995
Cat. # 7309
Released 1997
cd time - 60:28
US Price $16.00
From the fragmented cut-ups of Zorn's long-form compositions and the short intense blasts of Naked City's Torture Garden, Zorn forged a name for himself as a musical miniaturist. Filmworks III contains 25 cues commissioned by Portland's vanguard advertising agency Weidman & Kennedy for 15-to-60 second TV commercials directed by, among others, Godard, Cronenberg, Sven Nykquist, and Industrial Light & Magic.

This star-studded spectacular includes the first recordings by the band that would later become Masada, a bizarre Zorn/Ribot duo, and nine rediscovered demo tracks for Zorn's rara avis: the soundtrack to the Japanese cartoon Cynical Hysterie Hour.
Cyro Baptista
Sim Cain
Bill Frisell
Guy Klucevsek
Bill Laswell
Arto Lindsay
Christian Marclay
Ikue Mori
Bobby Previte
Robert Quine
Peter Scherer
Chris Wood
John Zorn: Alto Saxophone
and others