John Zorn :  Filmworks VI 1996
Cat. # 7308
Released 1996
cd time - 63:39
US Price $16.00
Three very different scores for three very different films all recorded in the first months of 1996. Happy-go-lucky surf rock grooves, modern classical improvisational madness and a dark electro-acoustic construct using the sounds of water, fire and wind recorded for an erotic film noir S/M fantasy.

Music from Dina Waxman's Anton, Mailman, Henry Hills' Mechanics Of The Brain, and Maria Beatty's The Black Glove.
Cyro Baptista: Percussion
Greg Cohen: Bass
Mark Feldman: Violin
Erik Friedlander: Cello
Ikue Mori: Drum Machines
Marc Ribot: Guitar
John Zorn: Alto Saxophone, Sound Effects