Elliott Sharp :  XenocodeX
Cat. # 7016
Released 1996
cd time - 49:17
US Price $16.00
The Soldier String Quartet performs compositions from the master of fractals: the psychedelic transformations of Xtopia and the dark jagged snapshots of Intifada.

Producer, composer, instrument builder, theoretician, multi-instrumentalist and one of the best-known personalities of the Downtown New York City scene, Elliott Sharp has led a variety of ensembles since 1979 including his long-running group Carbon, the Bootstrappers with Mike Watt and George Hurley, and his blues combo Terraplane. He has released albums on Homestead, SST. Zoar, Extreme, RecRec, Victo and other labels, and performs regularly in venues ranging from European concert halls to CBGBs. Tzadik is proud to present what we feel is one of Sharp's best and most important albums.

Since 1985, the Soldier String Quartet have been fusing the notions of chamber and popular music, introducing works by composers ranging from Xenakis to Amina Claudine Myers to Tom Cora, arranging songs by blues and popular artists such as Muddy Waters, Sly Stone and Tito Puente, and serving as the backing band for John Cale.
Elliott Sharp: Buchla Thunder, Fretless Guitar, Clarinet

The Soldier String Quartet
Dawn Buchholz: Cello
Regina Carter: Violin
Judith Insell: Viola
David Soldier: Violin