Cyro Baptista :  Beat the Donkey
Cat. # 7608
Released Oct 2002
cd time - 45:29
US Price $16.00
Madman virtuoso Cyro Baptista has played with an incredible range of musicians, from Paul Simon, Wynton Marsalis, Cassandra Wilson and Herbie Hancock to Medeski, Martin and Wood, Phish and Sting. A distinctive composer and vocalist in his own right, Beat the Donkey is his most exciting and longest running project.

An astounding live show rivaling Stomp! and Blue Man Group, in combining theater, dance and the martial arts with dynamic percussion music from around the world and soulful vocals, Cyro Baptista’s Beat the Donkey is a wild and hilarious party for the ears.
Jorge Alabé
Cyro Baptista
Sergio Brandão
Kevin Briet
Francisco Centeno
Tisza Coelho
Anat Cohen
Viva De Concini
Toninho Ferragutti
Erik Friedlander
Kristina Kanders
Tim Keiper
Romero Lubambo
Nilson Matta
Zé Maurici
Max Pollack
Marc Ribot
Cabello Rolim
Jamie Saft
Vanessa Saft
Peter Scherer
Luciana Souza
Tomer Tzur
Amir Ziv
John Zorn