Mike Patton :  Adult Themes For Voice
Cat. # 7015
Released 1996
cd time - 44:19
US Price $16.00
Famous as the vocalist of Faith No More, notorious as the singer of Mr. Bungle, Mike Patton goes one step further with a debut album of experimental sounds never imagined possible from just voice and microphone. Recorded and mixed in hotel rooms using 4-track cassette deck, Adult Themes is a classic which will both surprise and delight Patton fans and newcomers alike. Compositions such as "Catheter", and "Orgy In Reverb" live up to their titles.

In addition to his successful day job, Mike Patton has moonlighted with various ensembles and composers including Kronos Quartet, Bob Ostertag, Rova Saxophone Quartet, David Shea, Arto Lindsay, Bill Laswell, Boo-Yaa Tribe, Sepultura, John Zorn and Naked City (filling in for Yamatsaka Eye).
Mike Patton: Voice