Special Edition
Hemophiliac :  Hemophiliac (Tzadik Limited Edition)
Cat. # 0001
Released Jun 2002
cd 1 time - 63:23
cd 2 time - 64:57
US Price $47.00
SOLD OUT! No Longer Available "Limited edition 2 CD set of 2,500 copies worldwide - autographed by Zorn, Patton and Mori!!! Recorded in various locations, enclosed in bizarre packaging and bound to disappear quickly!!! This brutal alto sax/voice & effects/computer trio is incredibly intense live and these recordings capture their scary sonic storm." This item was only available through the Tzadik and Ipecac websites and directly from Downtown Music Gallery . A Great Big THANK YOU to all of you who pre-ordered this limited item and made it possible!
Ikue Mori: Drum Machines, Electronics
Mike Patton: Voice, Electronics
John Zorn: Saxophone, Voice