Film Music
Fred Frith :  Eye to Ear II
Cat. # 7517
Released Jan 2004
cd time - 47:31
US Price $16.00
With a career spanning over three decades, Fred Frith continues his fruitful relationship on Tzadik with this, his fifth release in as many years. Always breaking new ground, Eye to Ear II, the second volume dedicated to his work for films, is an adventurous voyage into unexplored territory. Four amazing sound collages, improvisations and lyrical dance music from one of the most consistently original composer/performers working today.
Gail Brand: Trombone
Fred Frith: Guitars, Bass, Piano, Keyboards, Violin, Accordion, Ocarina, Kalimba, Drum Samples, Mobius Instruments, Voice, Toys, Low-grade Sound Effects
Anne Hege: Voice
Heather Heise: Accordion
Fei Wu: Gu Zheng