Film Music
Marc Ribot :  Filmworks II
Cat. # 7516
Released Sep 2003
cd time - 52:33
US Price $16.00
This second volume of Marc Ribot's music for films is one of the most eclectic and exciting CDs he's made to date. From 1930s swing to science fiction soundscapes, deep soul grooves to hypnotic moods for strings and guitar, Filmworks 2 is a fascinating program of miniature masterpieces from start to finish.
Steven Bernstein: Trumpet
Anthony Coleman: Sampler, Organ Piano, Organ
Matt Darriau: Clarinet
Mark Feldman: Violin
J.D. Foster: Bass
Alex Foster: Clarinet, Sax
Jill Jaffe: Viola
Fran├žois Lardeau: Drum Sequencing
Frank London: Trumpet
Marc Ribot: Guitar, Sequencer, Guitar Loops/clips, Sampler, Trumpet, Horn
Roberto Rodriguez: Drums
Jay Rodriguez: Sax
Ned Rothenberg: Shakuhachi Flute, Flute, Sax
Peter Scherer: Sampler, Synth
Sebastian Steinberg: Bass, Arco Bass