Film Music
Doug Wieselman :  Dimly Lit: Collected Soundtracks 1996-2002
Cat. # 7515
Released Aug 2003
cd time - 47:06
US Price $16.00
Born in L.A., Doug Wieselman has drifted back and forth from coast to coast most of his creative life, working with many of the country's greatest underground musicians. On the West Coast he has been co-leader of the San Francisco-based Kamikaze Ground Crew since 1983, musical director and composer for the Flying Karamazof Brothers and is a frequent collaborator with Wayne Horvitz in Seattle. In New York, he has been a veteran of bands led by, among others, Lou Reed, John Lurie and Anthony Coleman. The music here includes his score for the Oscar-winning documentary Long Way Home and features rare demos and new recordings of soundtrack compositions rearranged especially for Tzadik. A very special release by one of the most versatile musicians in the downtown scene.
Jon Birdsong: Tuba
Charles Burnham: Violin
Anthony Coleman: Piano
Trevor Dunn: Bass
Don Falzone: Bass
Jim Pugliese: Drums
Ted Reichman: Accordion
Jane Scarpantoni: Cello
Jenny Scheinman: Violin
Doug Wieselman: Guitars, Bass Clarinet, Drum Machine, Ocarina, Percussion, Harmonica, Woodwinds, Samples