Film Music
Wayne Horvitz :  Film Music 1998-2001
Cat. # 7514
Released Sep 2002
cd time - 73:56
US Price $16.00
Mastermind of Zony Mash, The President and veteran of countless projects with Bobby Previte and Bill Frisell, Wayne Horvitz has been making music since the mid-1970s. Delightfully varied and endlessly listenable, this compilation of soundtracks for television and film showcases his incredible versatility as producer, performer, composer and arranger. Over seventy minutes of sound cues touching upon jazz, funk, folk, ambient, world music and classical, are meticulously crafted into a variety of highly personal hybrids in Wayne’s inimitable style. Featuring some of the greatest musicians on the Seattle scene, including longtime collaborator Bill Frisell, Film Music 1998-2001, is an instant classic by one of the most consistently creative musicians out of the downtown scene.
Mike Bisio
Fred Chalenor
Jen Charowhas
Craig Flory
Bill Frisell
Wayne Horvitz
Eyvind Kang
Brian Kent
DJ Logic
Keith Lowe
Davis Martin
Andre Otraskin
Ed Pias
Julian Priester
Andy Roth
Hans Teuber
Reggie Watts
Doug Wieselman
Timothy Young