Film Music
Steve Beresford :  Cue Sheets II
Cat. # 7513
Released Jan 2002
cd time - 60:35
US Price $16.00
More charming gems from the remarkable mind of world traveller/vocal stylist/composer/arranger/pianist Steve Beresford. A veteran of countless bands from the Slits to the Melody Four, Steve has been a central figure in the British improvising scene for over thirty years working with the likes of Derek Bailey, Evan Parker and Han Bennink. For the past decade he has concentrated most of his compositional efforts on tracks for independent British film and television. Strange sambas, jittery jazz, melancholy moods and more from one of the most consistently imaginative and creative musicians in Europe.
Najma Akhtar
Clive Bell
Steve Beresford
Ansuman Biswas
Jayanta Bose
Amanda M. Breden
Tom Chant
Adrian Charlesworth
Rhodri Davies
Thomas Dyani
John Edwards
Sylvia Hallett
Charles Knights
Katina Laoutaris-Smith
Karen O’Brien
Slava Kagan Paley
Ashan Pillai
Hans Reichel
Philip Sheppard
Pat Thomas
Kubryk Townsend
Roger Turner
Emma Vidgeon
Byron Wallen
Jason Yarde