Li Chin Sung :  Past
Cat. # 7014
Released 1996
cd time - 66:30
US Price $16.00
The Tzadik Composer Series continues to uncover young and unheard talent from all corners of the globe. John Zorn and Yamatsaka Eye's 1995 visit to Hong Kong and mainland China will not soon be forgotten by either the guests or the hosts... on of the highlights of this trip was the discovery of Li Chin Sung.

Sung's debut album, a collection of his works from 1992 to 1995, was never intended for commercial release. The subject matter of his work is deeply personal, dealing with the people and things around him, especially his family and friends, and as such does not always obey traditional musical logic.

Past presents intriguing and personal ambient/noise/environmental works by this adventurous young Hong Kong composer. Inspired by influences as diverse as Brit-pop, Luc Ferrari and Taoism, Sung has created a unique sound world that is both perplexing and seductive.
Ah Chuen: Voice
Li Chin Sung: Percussion, Guitar, CD, Synthesizer, Voice, Tapes