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Elliott Sharp :  Suspension of Disbelief
Cat. # 7512
Released Oct 2001
cd time - 60:54
US Price $16.00
Elliott Sharp is one of the most versatile composer/performers on the downtown sceneā€”a musician who has embraced free jazz, funk, blues, contemporary classical, rock, world music and distilled them all into his own unique amalgam. Suspension of Disbelief is his most varied album to date and is one of the few CDs that showcase the full range of his talents as a composer/multi-instrumentalist performer and recording engineer/producer. A fascinating compilation of sweeping electronics, jungle/jazz/psychedelia, fragmented sonics and distorted club sounds from one of the masters of downtown border crossing.
Elliott Sharp: Electric And Acoustic Guitars, 8-string Guitarbass, Fretless Bass, Saxophones, Clarinets, Adapted Zither, Computers, Analog Synthesizer