Film Music
Phillip Johnston :  Music For Films
Cat. # 7510
Released 1998
cd time - 41:41
US Price $16.00
Phillip Johnston has been charming and perplexing audiences for over twenty years with his lyrical music and ascetic wit. The mastermind behind such bands as the Microscopic Septet and the Transparent Quartet, Phillip has spent much of the past five years composing music for films. From silent classics by Georges Mèlies and Tod Browning's The Unknown, to award-winning contemporary features like Music Of Chance, Phillip's film music shows him to be a brilliant tunesmith and creative arranger with a sophisticated sense of the dramatic. Music For Films collects Phillip's finest soundtrack work on one disc. A surprising and marvelous compendium of the best of one of jazz's quirkiest and most delightful composers.
Steven Bernstein
Allan Chase
Cenovia Cummins
Steve Cutler
Mark Dane
Don Davis
Robert DeBellis
Dave Douglas
Richard Dworkin
Mark Feldman
Joel Forrester
Erik Friedlander
Juliet Haffner
Jody Harris
David Hofstra
Phillip Johnston
Guy Klucevsek
Beverly Lauridsen
Jim Leff
Kevin Norton
Elizabeth Panzer
Sue Pray
Adam Rogers
Joe Ruddick
Laura Seaton
Paul Shapiro
Mike Sim
Dave Swelson
David Tronzo
Ray Vega