Film Music
Ikue Mori :  B/Side
Cat. # 7508
Released 1998
cd time - 41:41
US Price $16.00
Ikue Mori's electric percussion is quite simply some of the most original and exciting work happening in electronic music today.

For her third Tzadik release, Ikue has assembled a varied collection of her most interesting tracks originally recorded for use in the films of award winning avant garde filmmaker Abigail Child. Erik Friedlander, Zeena Parkins, Anthony Coleman and Kato Hideki are just a few of the musicians featured in this remarkable recording. Latin rhythms, ambient soundscapes, industrial intensity and infectious melodies from one of the world's greatest musical innovators.
Anthony Coleman: Organ
Erik Friedlander: Cello
Andy Haas: Didjeridu
Hideki Kato: Bass
Ikue Mori: Sampler, Drum Machines
Zeena Parkins: Accordion, Electric Harp, Sampler
Tenko: Vocal
David Watson: Guitar