Film Music
Marc Ribot :  Shoe String Symphonettes
Cat. # 7504
Released 1997
cd time - 45:35
US Price $16.00
A guitarist of frightening technique, accomplished in practically any style, Marc Ribot has recorded numerous solo projects as well as working with artists including Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, the Lounge Lizards Brother Jack McDuff, John Zorn and Chuck Berry. From brilliant surf guitar to perverse improvisation to Cuban rhythms, this eclectic compilation of his cinematic music displays the full range of his talents and the sick depths of his mind. Shoe String Symphonettes, listened as an album without the visuals, suggests a twisted and vivid narrative drama.
Cyro Baptista
Greg Cohen
Anthony Coleman
Dave Douglas
Curtis Fowlkes
Ikue Mori
Roy Nathanson
Jim Nolet
Marc Ribot: Alto Horn, Banjo, Trumpet, Sampler, Guitar
E.J. Rodriguez
Jim Staley
Bill Ware
John Zorn
and others