Lunatic Fringe
Mike Pathos :  People
Cat. # 7407
Released Feb 2004
cd time - 58:05
US Price $16.00
"Michael has been performing since 1982. Raised on the Canadian prairie, he was classically schooled in violin, piano, voice and guitar. Discouraged by the parched landscape of contemporary Western classical music, he gave up playing entirely for cross country travel. By 1999, his experiences, however memorable and formative, had ruined his health. His problems continued to worsen..."

You have never heard anything like the music of Pathos. Heartfelt, over the top vocals accompanied by intense violin improvisations worthy of Mark Feldman at his wildest. Instrumentals touching upon his private theories of "reinterpretative sampling" and "tectonic counterpoint." But through it all is his music’s uncanny ability to be "felt by bodies everywhere." Pathos is the real thing, from the farthest reaches of creativity. So original, it's hard to believe it's true.
Mike Pathos: Electronics, Vocals