Lunatic Fringe
Rodd Keith :  Ecstacy to Frenzy
Cat. # 7406
Released Jan 2004
cd time - 74:43
US Price $16.00
Rodd Keith is known as one of the wildest and most creative of the "send us your lyrics" composers, but Ecstacy to Frenzy shows us a hitherto unknown side of this twisted genius. Two versions of a recently unearthed extended studio composition featuring Rodd’s legendary backwards vocals, maniacal organ playing and more. Added as bonus tracks are three of Rodd’s song-poem masterpieces, including the infamous Beat of the Traps. Explorations into another universe from one of the world’s "outsider music" pioneers.
Rodd Keith: Vocals, Piano, Organ, Chamberlain, Composer, Arranger