Lunatic Fringe
Ken Butler :  Voices of Anxious Objects
Cat. # 7402
Released 1997
cd time - 60:31
US Price $16.00
Tzadik's Lunatic Fringe series continues with the work of manic visual artist and master of musical mayhem, Ken Butler. Performing on hybrid instruments of his own creation, Ken has been performing to enthusiastic audiences everywhere from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Pink Pony bar, accompanied by the intoxicating rhythms of Seido Salifoski and Stomu Takeishi. Ken Butler's music is a delightful anecdote to the humdrum sounds of today's popular stylings. Rubberband trumpet, double axe cello, hammer-bridge violin, golfclub sitar/tabla, and a not-so-conventional snowshovel, are just a few of the crazy instruments you will hear in this remarkable debut recording by one of music's most ingenious and eccentric personalities. Includes a 16-page full-color booklet with extensive notes by the artist and photographs of the instruments.
Ken Butler: Vibraband, Hybrid Instruments
Matt Darriau: Reeds, Saxophone, Clarinet, Shanai, Kaval (Bulgarian Flute), Gaida (Bulgarian Bagpipes), Flutes
Seido Salifoski: Tapan, Percussion, Dumbek
Stomu Takeishi: Bass