Birthday Celebration
Masada String Trio :  50th Birthday Celebration Volume One
Cat. # 5001
Released Feb 2004
cd time - 63:10
US Price $16.00
People are still talking about Zorn's 50th birthday month, and if you weren't lucky enough to have been at Tonic in September 2003, this new series of recordings will take you there. All of these CDs are beautifully recorded and hand picked for release by Zorn himself.

Inaugurating the series is one of the highlights of the month, the incredible set by the Masada String Trio. Featuring three of the most amazing string improvisers in the world in peak form, urged on by Zorn's inspired conducting, this set is every bit as breathtaking on CD as it was that very night.
Greg Cohen: Bass
Mark Feldman: Violin
Erik Friedlander: Cello
John Zorn: Conductor